Article by: Devesh Rai

Photograph by: Sienna Hagedorn

Service. The second core value of ISM has been ingrained so deeply into the foundations of ISM that it has seeped its way into the very soul of each and every Bearcat. As a school, we are always willing to do whatever it takes to help our Philippine community. Fortunately, for us students, we are given plenty opportunities to do so, as the enormous demand for service clubs has been met with ample supply. The result is a plethora of clubs, all serving various organizations, which students can chose from depending on their service preferences. One such prominent service club at ISM is the “Samahang Bukas Palad”, more commonly referred to as SBP.

Samahang Bukas Palad is a service club that rather than provide children with material
possessions, aims to give long-lasting and permanent memories. Yong Seok Lee, the co-president of the SBP club, says, “The main goal for this club is to give valuable experiences for those children who aren’t as fortunate as us”. The SBP members take turns either going to Bukas Pulad, or inviting the children to ISM. By sharing experiences with them and organizing various different activities to engage the children from Bukas Palad, SBP hopes to foster creativity and intellectual stimulus for them. The most important goal, however, is simply to provide a great time, a point reiterated by Yong Seok, who furthers that “SBP wants them to have a positive experience and an unforgettable memory of their time spent interacting with the ISM community”.

Members of Samahang Bukas Palad are extremely dedicated, and are constantly planning for things to aid the club. Just last weekend, they organized a Saturday service
trip in which the children were invited to ISM to partake in numerous activities, including watching IASAS volleyball and cross-country. The kids walked in amongst a crowd, overwhelmed with anticipation for the finals, and were Immediately entranced by the noise and buzz exuded from every individual present. According to club member Ben Carden, the aim of the trip was to show the kids “what the Bearcat spirit is all about”, which, judging from the jubilant faces of the kids from Bukas Palad, it certainly has been achieved.

Service might be required for CAS, but the sheer will to help our community makes
me believe that service clubs would thrive in ISM. SBP perfectly embodies everything that service is about- dedication, action, and a genuine will to help others. For those of you who still haven’t joined a club, SBP may well be the one for you!