Compiled by: Mild Chawalitanon and Patricia Asaka

In order to capture the diversity of New York City, photographer Brandon Stanton decided to start the renowned blog called “Humans of New York,” in 2010. Through photographs, quotes and short stories, “Humans of New York” aims to tell the interesting story of at least 10,000 residents of the Big Apple. Much like this well-known city, ISM is home to a youthful and vibrant group of students which Bamboo Telegraph is excited to explore with our very own “Humans of ISM.” Here are 5 things to look forward to:

1. Hearing about exciting and funny stories about people you may have never met before:

GIF 1(Source:

2. Potentially witnessing the selection process of the next feature of Humans of ISM! Watch out for two people aimlessly walking around school, one with a camera poised in her hand and the other ready to catch the latest story with her phone.

GIF 2(Source:

3. Not only can you get a sneak peek of the next feature, but you’ll be able to witness the awkward interrogation session that is about to occur… Just wait!

GIF 3(Source:

4. Although you might just be a witness in the beginning, you could also be the next person to be approached by Humans of ISM!

GIF 5(Source:

5. Awkwardly posing with people you’ve never met before maybe uncomfortable at first, but it’s an experience that will for sure brew new friendships 🙂

GIF 4(Source:

Who knew Mrs. Peabody could make a Tangent graph with her hands?

Mrs. Peabody(Source:

Look out for the next Humans of ISM feature coming out today!!!

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