Victoria’s Secret: Healthy Body Image or Incentive for Insecurity?

Article by: Kamilla Jamal

Video by: Will Batchelor, Angelica Cucueco, and Jerrick Torres

Every November, Victoria’s Secret (VS) has its annual fashion show. Consequently, supermodels blessed with fabulous genes gather in the major fashion capitals of the world for the biggest fashion event of the year.


When these women with thin bodies, long legs, small waists and perfect hair strut down the runway in nothing but lingerie, both men and women stare in awe. Since the show attracts hundreds of celebrities and entertainers as both performers for the show and part of the high-class audience, the rest of us “regular” mortals are left questioning what “perfection” really is.


As people (teenage girls especially) watch the annual show, they are hypnotised by these stunning models and can’t help but wonder, “Why can’t I look like that?”. Naturally, women have the tendency to compare their bodies to the supermodels’ seemingly flawless figures, and by the end of the night their self-esteem has significantly dropped.

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A problem that our society has is evident in multiple studies claiming that women already feel pressured to be beautiful by the age of 14. After this certain age, girls increasingly become their own worst beauty critics, and the pressure to achieve an unrealistic body is oftentimes the underlying cause of serious health issues such as anorexia and bulimia.


Almost all girls, whether they know it or not, are left with mixed and confusing reactions to the images they see in the media, advertisements, and celebrity culture. Ironically, these ideal ‘perfect body’ images are estimated to not even be physically attainable by nearly 95% of the female population. Despite this, women feel even more pressure to attain this body image, and such pressure is damaging to society by wreaking danger on female self-esteem – women are coerced into assuming diets and fads in order to change their natural body shape.


The models in the VS Fashion Show are virtually viewed as ethereal, goddess-like, out of this world and “perfect.” This communicates an unhealthy image for girls to strive to attain these unrealistic goals.