Moustache Month

Article by: Gitika Bose

I “moustache” you a question: wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about shaving your facial hair for an entire month, and know that you wouldn’t be judged for having a bit of fun? Well, during each “Movember,” men around the world walk the streets sporting luscious beards, moustaches, and the like. But Movember is not just fun and games; the primary focus of this event is to support the lives of men affected by cancer. It began in 2003, and since then 4,027,688 participants have joined with donations totaling £346 million to fund 770 men’s health projects.

Many men who take up the challenge of Movember, often referred to as the “Mo Bros,” leave their moustache untouched for an entire month. The rules are simple: they must begin with a clean shaven face, grow a moustache, and then spread awareness about men’s health projects dedicated to prostate and testicular cancer. Soham Mall, one of the many students at ISM who has taken up the ‘No Shave November’ challenge, believes that “forgoing a month of shaving is worth it.” Additionally, Senior Dong Yun Lee believes that “growing moustaches are fun, anyways,” making Movember extremely exciting!

Mo Bros also encourage other non-participants to donate to their cause. The Vice Principal of ISM, Mr. Dickinson, believes, “Movember has always been an important fundraising event, and the first year that [he] did it, [he] raised about US$150.” Imagine how much money would be raised if all men joined Movember! Mr. Dickinson also believes that “Movember in ISM hit it’s peak 4 years ago,” which was when the Kawayan Yearbook faculty page was filled with “men sporting moustaches”. When he visited ISKL the same year, he was “amazed to see the majority of their male faculty members also wearing a moustache – [which] made for some easy male bonding with people that [he] had only just met.”

While it seems that men are the only ones who can help, women and young girls like Kelly Molloy, another ISM student, recognize that “it is important in order to raise awareness for the cause”. Commonly referred as the Mo Sistas, some women while unable to grow a moustache do help just by encouraging their husbands’, sons or fathers’ to participate. They may take this as an opportunity learn more, donate for the cause and promote it.

As we are currently beginning the month, let’s encourage everyone – Mo Bros and Mo Sistas alike – to either refrain from shaving, or convince their male friends to join the cause. Above all, Movember gives people the opportunity to fulfill their secret desire of wearing that ‘rad stache, while raising awareness for male diseases and cancers.