Humans of ISM

Article by: Rom Villarica

In this modern age, the Internet has become a truly wonderful place for sharing information.  With one click, anybody can upload their words, photos, music, or even videos for others to view.  This has quickly sparked a number of new trends, foremost among them being the concept of a “photo blog”, a web page in which the author posts pictures pertaining to a certain theme or story.

Recently, one such photo blog has risen above the rest.  Created by Brandon Stanton, an American photographer, this photo blog (aptly entitled “Humans of New York”) features street portraits and interviews collected in New York City.  “Humans of New York” depicts everyday life in an ordinary fashion, but it accomplishes this so profoundly that it has been one of the most popular photo blogs ever to exist.  It has garnered over eight million likes on social networking sites such as Facebook and has been acclaimed by many, even winning the Best Use of Photography Webby Award in 2013.

The global fascination with Stanton’s “Humans of New York”, however, has not gone unnoticed, and the concept of “Humans of _______” is beginning to grow in popularity.  Independent photographers are taking it upon themselves to tell the stories of people in other cities across the world.  Even schools have hopped on the bandwagon with photo blogs such as “Humans of UC Berkeley” and “Humans of Ateneo” steadily gaining followers, and ISM is no exception.  Recently, ISM has begun its very own photo blog, dubbed “Humans of ISM”.   “Humans of ISM” is dedicated to the students and faculty at ISM, seeking out and sharing their stories.  In fact, sophomore Lukas Fiechter, the first student to be featured in “Humans of ISM”, is a staunch supporter of the photo blog.  He believes that “[Humans of ISM] is very effective at providing insight into ISM’s general population” while also “helping to promote a greater sense of closeness among students and faculty.”  The blog also serves as a prime example of the influence of social media; sophomore Sofia Jimenez states that “Humans of ISM emphasizes the immense power of social media, as it is a new and compelling way of sharing the untold stories and faces of our school. It highlights the interesting variety of people within ISM.”

Though “Humans of ISM” is still in its early stages, it is fast-growing and has met with success so far.  Thus, it seems poised to have an enormous impact on the ISM community as a whole.