Short Season Shambles

Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

Apart from being the number of gems in a standard Bejeweled game, name of premier Russian chess magazine and the code for international direct dial calls to New Zealand, it is also the number of days until second season sports IASAS. Athletes of Basketball, Rugby, Touch, Swimming and Tennis are all running a race against time as second season is almost 4 weeks shorter than the season last year. Bearcat athletes are all too aware of this and athletes are striving to put their training into overdrive. Swimmers are putting in extra morning sessions, Tennis players are training longer hours and Rugby/Basketball teams are playing quadruple-headers on some days to make up for lost time.

Paolo Mojica, Boys Varsity Basketball Athlete believes that the shortened season poses a multitude of problems. He understands that a shorter season means less practices meaning the team has fewer opportunities to work on what is necessary. However, he also believes that the lack of time is made up by the team’s indomitable spirit as the star-studded Bearcat basketball team has been working twice as hard to ensure they bring home the gold. Additionally, Varsity swimmer Steve Nam says, “The short season will probably reduce the number of available training sessions. Nevertheless, we will train at every opportunity to do well at IASAS.”

Jessica Zhang, Varsity Tennis player believes that the extended December break interrupting the already short season will hit doubles tennis the hardest. She believes finding time to practice and getting used to communication and the necessary collaborative nature of doubles would be difficult following a 4-week hiatus. However she is confident that the team is prepared to take the hit and will definitely come out on top as all their players have coaches and can train outside of school to make up for lost time.

Captain of Varsity Rugby, Joe Flynn, believes that one of the greatest challenges in a short season is the lack of time to cover so much content. He notes, “The Rugby team has a lot of fairly new lads this season and we’ve really been hard pressed to start almost from square one and to introduce the basic skills and patterns that we have run.” However, he is proud to say that his team has been extremely successful as they have been focused and hard working and he knows that with their relentless mentality they can go into IASAS as a team to contend with. As IASAS approaches, we can finally rest our hearts in confidence, knowing that the spirit, tenacity and interminable hard work of our Bearcat Athletes will truly pay off.