SPECS Cookie Party

Article by: Gitika Bose
Photograph by: Juliana Antonio

Many would agree that decorating cookies and playing with children are two enjoyable activities that, when combined together, would be very hard to resist. We all know that heavenly feeling of nibbling on a crispy, dark chocolate cookie layered with chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles. At the same time, we also find it gratifying when we see children with huge smiles across their faces.

For the SPECS club, members thought that the idea of having a cookie party would be a brilliant idea to make their children smile. SPECS president, Bernice Reyes, mentions, “As privileged kids, students at ISM have gone to enough kiddy parties that have cookie and cupcake decorating events, and we wondered, why not give the SPECS kids a similar experience?” With this beautiful thought, the members of the SPECS club at ISM hosted cookie decorating event on Friday, November 14th.

The event started off at room P045 where the SPECS kids gathered in anticipation. The kids were eager to grab the cookies placed in front of them, though they waited patiently for the materials to decorate the cookie. Their creativities could not be contained. There was excitement in the air as we guided the little enthusiastic hands to arrange the whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate spread coated in colored sprinkles, which were two of the many designs. When asked about the experience to SPECS member, Vasudha Maddali shares, “I think all of us and especially the SPECS kids loved decorating cookies with all the different toppings available […] it was really fun and we could see the content and happiness on the faces of the kids after decorating and eating their cookies.”

While this was a meant to be a cookie decorating party, the kids also played a few games and got to bond with our ISM students. After eating the newly decorated cookies, the children played musical chairs. As the music played, both the ISM students and SPECS kids delightfully danced around the chairs. The SPECS children expressed their joy with high fives and some jolly dances. Towards the end of the party, Robbi Sy, a senior at ISM, chased around the little kids pretending to be a ‘monster’. He adds, “It wasn’t the actual cookie thing that was the main attraction, but the whole interaction with the kids like that time we all played musical chairs.”

The event was very successful as SPECS was able to encapsulate a perfect party for these kids – a cookie party where children got to bond, play and create beautifully decorated cookies.