Month: November 2014

Pope on Euthanasia

Article by: Angelo Manaloto A multitude of moral issues garner much polarization in the world today, but probably none as much as those of euthanasia, abortion, in vitro fertilization, and stem cell research – all of which were denounced by the head of the Catholic Church during a meeting with the Association of Italian Catholic […]


Philae: Why Should We Care?

Article by: Dan Jachim To the untrained mind, Rosetta’s lander, Philae, may seem like a total failure. The spacecraft crashed over 1000 meters away from its designated landing spot and is now stuck in darkness, unable to recharge its batteries with its solar panels. By all means, this does not look like the ideal circumstances […]


Wounded Warriors

Article by: Georgina Pekin Most people can empathize with those who are suffering injuries. Whether one has been injured through rugby, dance, or tripping down the stairs, almost everyone shares the common experience of the pain and disadvantage that comes with any injury. Being part of any athletic program inevitably presents the risk of injury, and […]