Month: December 2014

Robots And Gardens

Article by: Rom Villarica The ISM Robotics Club is known as the pinnacle of innovation in the school, with its students undertaking all sorts of challenging technological projects.  These projects include robot building (what the club is most known for), programming, and most recently, building a solar-powered hydroponic garden. While the name may sound daunting, the […]


Mandatory Service Hours

Article By: Jiwon Cyhn “… CAS hours are given!” This is posted alongside every council or club announcement whenever they detail an upcoming service trip. While some state that this information is vital, others insist that it is defies the purpose of “true service.” It is undeniable that the CAS system is important in our […]


The Fashion Police: AMA’s

Article by: Kamilla Jamal Video by: Nik Puno, Carl Stray, and Myles Rublee This past month, music has been a huge focus for the ISM community ranging from the Great Works concert to the viewing of the American Music Awards (AMA’s). Unsurprisingly, the cultural and societal standards and expectations have changed significantly since the AMA’s formation in 1973, […]