The Fashion Police: AMA’s

Article by: Kamilla Jamal

Video by: Nik Puno, Carl Stray, and Myles Rublee

This past month, music has been a huge focus for the ISM community ranging from the Great Works concert to the viewing of the American Music Awards (AMA’s). Unsurprisingly, the cultural and societal standards and expectations have changed significantly since the AMA’s formation in 1973, and now it seems that there is more focus on the spectacle of the awards rather than the music itself. We asked the ISM community to play the role of Fashion Police and compare the different fashion styles of the AMA’s in the early 2000’s to what we are used to seeing now.



Nicki Minaj:

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Emily: I hate it because I hate the person wearing it!

Celina: It’s not outrageous – unlike what she usually goes for.

Saruf: It’s weird… it looks cheap.


Gigi Hadid:


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Emily: It’s okay. It would have been fine without the blue, because it just seems out of place.

Celina: I think it’s unique – she wears it well.

Saruf: She can pull it off, but the dress itself is just…strange.


Jaden Smith:


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Emily: I hate it.

Celina: I hope he’s tweeting with that phone.

Saruf: Everyone wears that every day.. How is that red carpet at all? [Laughs]


Kendall Jenner:


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Emily: I like it. I think it’s young but elegant.

Celina: I like it, it’s cute.

Saruf: The dress is see-through… Looking nice shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of [exposing] your own body.


Ansel Elgort:


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Emily: That is the grossest outfit I’ve ever seen.

Celina: I can’t stand him, his face, or his style.

Saruf: He needs to get a tailor to resize his clothes.




(Image Source:

Emily: This is so tacky, it looks like she couldn’t find anything in time.

Celina: I don’t even want to look at this because I love her so much, but this is so bad.

Saruf: That’s from a thrift shop.


Frankie Grande:

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Emily: I don’t know what’s worse – this, or Ansel Elgort’s outfit.

Celina: Why is he putting so much effort into his look if he’s not even nominated for anything?

Saruf: That shirt is painted on.



Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake, 2001:

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Emily: They probably look back at it themselves, embarrassed.

Celina: I can’t hate on something that has become so iconic.

Saruf: I’m impressed they found someone to make such a hideous-looking outfit.


Destiny’s Child, 2001:

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Emily: I don’t like the outfit, but even if I did, I don’t like matching.

Celina: Are these outfits the reason they split up…?

Saruf: It’s like they only had a limited amount of that cloth, and they did whatever they could to make three dresses out of it.

Chris Brown, 2006:

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Emily: That’s far more hideous than prison uniform.

Celina: My dad rolls up his jeans like that sometimes. It’s gross.

Saruf: [Either] His tailor is blind, or he lies about his size.


Rihanna, 2007:

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Emily: I’m not fond of the dress, but it looks really good on her!

Celina: Are you not going to show me anything I can praise? I hate this, it’s gross.

Saruf: Is this the new classy??


Lenny Kravitz, 2004:

(Image Source:–large-msg-125251665448.jpg)

Emily: I don’t think it’s ever acceptable to dress like that…

Celina: Dude, that’s kinda cool how do they do that to the shirt.

Saruf: I can say very bad things about this, but I’m afraid they won’t be appropriate for an article.


Shakira, 2009:

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Emily: She pulls off the dress really well!

Celina: OMG this is so cute, [it] makes me want lemonade.

Saruf: That dress would be elegant if it wasn’t made out of gift wrapping paper.


Beyonce, 2007:

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Emily: It’s pretty nice; I kind of like it, but not the frills.

Celina: It feels so good to look at her poor fashion choices…show me more.

Saruf: Either the dress is falling off, or she’s really looking for attention.


So what does the rest of ISM think about these outfits? Let us know in the comments below!


Special Thanks to ISM’s very own Fashion Police: Emily Francis, Celina Spielman and Saruf Alam