Child Hope

Article by: Shin Won Kim

Many high school students have probably heard of the name “Child Hope” being said once or twice throughout the year. However, despite the fact that Child Hope has been an ISM service partner for many years, several high school students are still not fully aware of this existing partnership.

According to the Child Hope website, Child Hope Philippines is an “international, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization” which essentially aims to “advocate for the cause of street children in the Philippines”. They work towards the “liberation of children” from the potentially harsh living conditions that the street children live with as well as try and help the children get a better education.

For the Senior batch of 2015, Child Hope is definitely an organization that has a special connection, as Child Hope has been the service partner for the senior batch for the last four years. The Vice President of the Senior Council, Dong Yun Lee, reminisces that “during [their] first Saturday Service trip with Child hope, many students felt awkward and hesitant”, however, now Child Hope has “become an integral part of the Batch of 2015” as more and more students participate in each trip.

Whenever there is a Child Hope trip, about twenty to thirty street children arrive to ISM with a jeepney. Dong Yun expresses that the Senior Council usually organizes activities such as “sports in the ES gym, arts and crafts, party games, watching videos in the Little Theatre, or even swimming with them in the pool” which the children tend to enjoy a lot. In addition to providing the children with a traditional Filipino lunch, like chicken adobo and rice, Dong Yun adds that the senior council always “gives the children packed food for them to bring home to eat, in case they get hungry”.

Child Hope definitely is a precious service partner to the ISM community. Hopefully this established relationship with Child Hope will continue to live on.