Beating Post-December Break Blues

Article by Isabel Quah

After struggling through 6 months of unforgiving assessments and piles of work, students begin anticipating December break as November draws closer to an end.  

You spend your break gorging yourself on those irresistible sugar cookies, and curling up on cool nights with a cup of hot chocolate.  Unfortunately, break always seems to fly by so fast, and soon enough you’re back to hitting the books. So how do you beat your Post-December Break Depression?

1.Accept Reality

Yes, winter break was shorter than you had hoped it would be, and you would much rather be lying in bed gorging yourself on the influx of edible gifts. Sadly, you’re back to the reality of school, and this involves getting your game face on to tackle the new semester up ahead. No way will you be able to start on work if your head is still lingering on thoughts about warm Christmas pudding and lechon.

  1. Fix your sleeping cycle

After sleeping at ungodly hours of the morning while catching up on missed TV shows, you end up sitting through classes looking like this:

After three weeks of late nights and sleeping in, waking up at 6am is practically impossible.  Sleep earlier to beat the mid-class dozies before all the work catches up with you again. Engaging in light exercise after school may also help tire you out, so that you head to bed on time.

  1. New Year, New You

Set goals for yourself based on what you were and weren’t able to accomplish last year. Final exams are going to be rapidly approaching, and thus slacking off during this semester will be disastrous.

Try and organize your notes, and place all those loose handouts in folders and binders. Preparing yourself within the first week back will really change your mindset and help you transition to school mode.

  1. Confide in Your Friends

Over the holidays you were probably surrounded by your family, and didn’t see your friends as much. If you dread getting back to the schoolwork and early morning routines, look at the positive side: now that you and your friends have been reunited, you can suffer through school stress together.

  1. Find a New Balance

IB/AP Coordinator Mr. Relf suggests finding a balance between school and activities – when you involve yourself in something, be sure to commit to it. Finding time for leisure will help make the things you dread about school become more tolerable. Learn from your mistakes in the previous year and invest in simplicity.  “Let your boat of life be light”, as said by Jerome K. Jerome.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to starting the new semester on the right foot. Good luck and welcome back!