Battle of the Bands: Giving Through Entertainment

Perhaps the most common question one encounters in hallways these days is “Are you going to BOB?” Having answered it many times, the question seems incredibly redundant. After all, who isn’t going to BOB? BOB is the biggest, most anticipated and liveliest school event of the second semester that keeps people talking excitedly for months leading up to it. It is almost upon us now, and the excitement buzzing in the usually academic ISM air is palpable. However, BOB’s primary purpose is not only to entertain, but also something far more noble than that – at its core, it is a charity event. Every year, Battle of the Bands raises hundreds of thousands of pesos for various service partners in need of aid as well as for the school’s own benevolent initiatives. This year alone, the Battle of the Bands committee estimates that more than 400,000 pesos will be distributed between SPECS scholarship, PREP, Green Earth Heritage Fund, and several other organizations and projects in an attempt to improve our local community. The service partners are chosen through careful consideration, as the BOB committee spends countless hours trying to decide which projects will be the most helpful to the community. According to Danielle Limcaoco, the “BOB committee, as a group, comes together and asks organizations outside of ISM whether they need aid, and then choses the ones that it believes are sustainable and will have the largest impact.” Danielle, who is a member of the BOB committee, also believes that service is what enables them to continue making BOB a better event with each passing year. She says that, “service is what keeps us motivated to ensure that each event is better than last year’s. We want to keep making it bigger so that, each year, there are more projects we can help fund.” It is evident that a large amount of effort is put into making sure that Battle of the Bands is as valuable as it is entertaining, and this year will be no different. BOB will not only provide us with exciting evenings and spellbinding music, but, simply by attending, we will also be playing a role in improving the lives of those around us. It will be fun; it will be intense, and, above all, it will make a long-term positive difference. Are you going to BOB?