Article By: Alice Ye

With fireworks, ball drops and sparkling revelries all over the world, the new year was, as always, a spectacular welcome to 2015. The New Years celebration season is renown as the ideal time for people to kick off a fresh start and work on making each year their best in the form of New Years resolutions. However, now that festivities are over, the hard work of adhering to and keeping our resolutions is upon us.


Resolutions vary greatly since anyone can make them. Their aims range from being nicer to siblings all the way to eating healthier food- but how useful are resolutions really? How often are they followed-or achieved?


Jiwon Cyhn, a sophomore, reveals that her resolutions include “eating healthier” and generally focus on fitness. On the other hand, Akshay Sharathchandra’s resolutions are more academically focused: he wants to “read more books” in his free time that aren’t part of class work and also wants to “bring up his grades”. Besides common new year resolutions of ISM students like improving organization and trying new things, perhaps the most popular and one most students can relate to is “to stop procrastinating!” Students are also being encouraged by teachers to set goals for themselves for the second semester in order to maximize and reach their potential both in their individual subjects and all around.


Many parents have also created New Years resolutions-most of them focusing on family. The most common ones being spending more time with family and doing more things together. Especially since ISM is an international school, keeping in touch with relatives in other countries proved to be another popular resolution. Some parents have resolutions similar to those of their children-for example, “drinking tea instead of coffee” focuses on making healthier choices, as students have previously chosen to do.


Resolutions are universal- many celebrities also take part in this well-known tradition. These can range from relatively normal (Iggy Azalea’s “I’m gonna make more of an effort to take care of myself in 2015”) to slightly ambitious (Nick Jonas plans to learn how to speak Spanish) to plain habit breaking (Justin Bieber’s unique resolution to “not get arrested a single time”).

Many resolutions are made each year with the best of intentions, but are slowly forgotten over the course of the year, so to make sure you stay on track and make it more likely to achieve your personal resolutions you can: 1.make a plan by breaking the goal down into smaller, specific, more feasible parts that can be easily measured, 2.establish a routine so the change becomes a habit and it is easier to stay on track, and 3.set reminders to help you stay focused and motivated. Hopefully these steps will lead to success and better, resolution full 2015!



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