Korean Air Goes ‘Nuts’

Article by: Angelo Manaloto

Nowadays, universally acknowledged is the fact that in order to lead a wealthy life, it is imperative to be committed to your goals and dedicated to your work. Equally established is the fact that if you are one of these people, there is a higher chance of your kids growing up to be self-important and spoiled— maybe even spoiled enough to demand an airplane to stop in its tracks. Does this sound a bit too much? Well, it certainly wasn’t for Cho Hyun-Ah, daughter of Korean Air chairman and CEO, Cho Yang Ho.

Ms. Cho Hyun-Ah ordered the Korean Air plane she was on to return to the runway after a stewardess served her macadamia nuts in a bag rather than in a bowl in first class. Given her father’s high position, the pilot thought it was best to concede. Since then, Cho’s actions have incited strong public response not only from Korea, but all around the world. She is currently facing charges for violating safety aviation law and interfering with the airline crew members’ duties.

When asked to comment on Cho’s actions, Jess Cuadro states, “It really is [bad to have a sense of entitlement].” Junior Wonjoon Choi agrees, adding that her actions are “exemplary of one of society’s biggest issues” and that she is very deserving of the anger and denunciation she has instilled from society. Junior John Hadaway, however, looks at the situation quite differently, placing responsibility of the event’s turnout on the pilot and his crew. He believes that they deserve “just as much blame, if not more”  than Cho herself for adhering to her demand. He claims that it was a complete disregard for the other passengers in the plane, as well as the reputation of the airline itself. Although these are two different positions on the situation, both have very good points.

The universality with which the notions of entitlement has pervaded our society today is astonishing. It is evident in the way we buy things, conduct dealings, and even in the way we think. Thankfully, there are still individuals who believe in ideals worth striving towards. Hopefully, it’s clear that Cho Hyun-Ah is not one of these individuals.