The Manila Concert Scene

Article By: Ayla Ahmed

Bruno Mars, Bastille, Disclosure, Macklemore- these are all huge names in the music industry that have performed here in the remote, yet uniquely exotic island of the Philippines. But why is it that so many renowned artists choose to stage in Manila? Well, many would attribute this to the large, youthful population and the love for music everyone shares. Manila is home to bustling, lively, energetic crowds that artists both big and small are able to garner. One could also attribute this to the huge consumerist mindset here in the Philippines. Filipinos generally don’t hesitate to spend on quality time with friends, so whether or not they have heard of the artist prior to buying the tickets makes no difference.

So, what is it about the concerts themselves that makes them so appealing to the youth especially? Sophomore Sophia Lapus, having gone to MKTO as well as Bruno Maed-sheeran-live-in-manila-2015-moa-arenars live in Manila, tells Bamboo Telegraph “I go to concerts because the live music is really different from the music you hear through headphones.” As many of us would know, getting to see an artist perform live adds to the overall thrill and excitement of the concert experience. Sophia adds, “I think that the overall experience of sitting in an arena and singing along with your favorite artist is something really exciting.” Perhaps it is the adrenaline rush and the general giddiness of actually being in the presence of your favorite artist that makes concerts so universally popular to the youth. Having gone to One Republic, Macklemore and Bastille, Sophomore Mae Kirkpatrick tells us, “I like going to concerts to experience the music in a new way and to be able to see the artist, but being able to hang to with friends is a bonus.”

Blasting music, flashing lights and simply being in the presence of friends – what else can match the experience of a concert? Being surrosamsmith-2_2AB070DB253B42CF8E3E9E2554920728unded by the pounding energy of the crowd allows one to feel and see the music in a different, more enhancing way. The intensity and enthusiasm of the crowd here in Manila is nothing to miss. The large youth population as well as the musical Filipino spirit all contribute towards overwhelming turnouts at concerts and general musical events alike. In the future, Manila is host to many more insanely talented artists such as Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Sam Smith and Michael Bublé to have a jampacked 2015.