6 different types of reactions after PowerSchool opens

Compiled by: Maxine Alindogan & Ji Young Kim

After all the false dates, the inaccurate times and the wishful thinking following every “refresh,” PowerSchool has finally graced us with its wonderful opening. In the midst of the anxious waiting, one would be surprised at the divergent reactions that people have upon seeing their grades. Here are the different types of people you’d meet after they access PowerSchool:

1. The loud and proud type

“What did you get for (insert subject here)?” Once you hear this phrase you know you’re talking to a person who is proud of his/her grades and isn’t afraid to show it. And why shouldn’t they be? Although we shouldn’t always discuss our grades, we should always strive to be proud of the grades we’ve achieved.

Loud & Proud 2 (Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/celebrate-funny-doPrWYzSG1Va)

2. The anxious but satisfied type

Despite consistently getting good grades throughout the semester, these type of people will be overwhelmed with curiosity without seeing their grades.  Just as their “Enter” keys are about to give way, their exemplar grades appear and all their worries melt away. They don’t show them off but a more than satisfied smirk is plastered on their face.



3. The easy-going but secretly sad type

Everyone deals with disappointment in their own special ways. There are definitely people who, when you ask them, seem completely fine with their grades but are secretly crushed inside. We should all be mindful not to hurt or make people feel worse about their performance last semester.

Easy-going but sad

(Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/nervous-amanda-bynes-smile-PMEDNs5wFRPxe)

4. The crushed type

Whether its because of social pressure or the inability to meet one’s own expectations there are people who just break down after seeing their grades. Remember grades are not everything and we still have one semester to prove ourselves 🙂 


(Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/crying-2WxWfiavndgcM)

5. The care-free type

Everyone strives to be the type of person that doesn’t let grades affect them and these people exemplify this quality with ease.  There are 2 types of carefree people, those who do incredibly well and only open their PowerSchool once and those who know that grades aren’t everything and laugh any disappointment off.  Either way, these type of people remind us that grades don’t define a person.

Carefree 2

(Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/idk-shrug-9butjP3K0PKdW)

6. The determined type

There are also people who, regardless of their intentions, don’t perform to the best of their abilities during their first semester. As they anxiously wait to see the numbers that may or may not determine their fate you suddenly see their whole body deflate. Despite a small stab to their morale they don’t look at the second semester with anything but positivity 🙂

Determined (Source:  http://giphy.com/gifs/gossip-girl-gg-blair-waldorf-12sbOJGd1Dcb6M)