Head photograph by: Myles Rublee

Article by: Gitika Bose

American botanist and inventor, George Washington Carver, once said, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” He, along with many believed that education is essential to one’s childhood. An organization that works towards this goal of countering various global issues present in the Philippines, is the UNESCO Club Global City Charter. UNESCO is an organization that runs across the city of Taguig and helps deal with the prominent issue of the lack of education in the local schools of Manila.

Neha Nagpal, a sophomore at ISM who currently works with NEST explains that “UNESCO is split up into several different projects to counter these global issues. An example is Project NEST. NEST stands for Nurturing Educational Systems for Tomorrow, and focuses on educating local schools in the departments of Math, Science and English.” Students such as herself work in groups of 6-7, and visit one of the local schools in the Philippines where they split themselves into pairs to teach one of the subjects. While their work is of great value to the community, it is also helpful in the sense that students understand the responsibilities and duties of being a teacher.

Tony Yoon, another sophomore working with NEST shares that, “the most recent service trip I went for is the NEST project that happened in December. This trip was to St. Rosa school to educate the elementary students.” Tony also mentions that he “was particularly in charge of the Math department and taught the students specifically about fractions and decimals.” Since ISM students are very familiar with a plethora of math topics, this is a great way for us to teach such topics to delightful elementary school students.

Students will have the opportunity of attending their next service trip this Saturday, January 24th, where they will engage and deal with more complex problems. However, in the future, students will not be limited to only these three subjects. “A future project that UNESCO is planning is Project HEART being spearheaded by sophomore, Won Ho Song, and it’s main objective is to teach kids in public schools and orphanages Social Studies, Humanities, and human rights,” explains Angelo Manaloto, the head of Project NEST.

It is wonderful how rapidly the organization is expanding and introducing new material to teach to the underprivileged students. Hopefully it inspires you to play your part in spreading education throughout your own neighbourhood and community.