8 Study Tips

Compiled by: Liana Lopez

As the second semester continues to buzz with excitement and an array of activities fill up every student’s schedule, it’s easy for people to get distracted and lost. Here are 8 useful and fun study tips that every Bearcat can use to stay on track throughout the week:


1. Memory Monday

Kick off the week by looking through your notes and recalling concepts you’ve learned in class.

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2. Tutorials Tuesday

Go see a teacher if you’re in need of clarification or help. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!

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3. Workout Wednesday

Rise and grind! Take advantage of the late start and begin your morning with a jog around your village or hit the treadmill if you live in an apartment. You’ll feel refreshed, energized, and motivated to study!



4. Tab-less Thursday

Procrastination is our biggest enemy here at ISM. One way to combat it is to close all unnecessary tabs on your devices and focus on your work at hand. Stop cramming and start doing!

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5. (Don’t) Freak Out Friday

It is important to stay collected amidst all the stress and take on a positive approach to studying. Try to pace yourself, don’t do all your work at once!

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6. Study Buddy Saturday

Meet up with friends who you know you’ll be able to focus with and start a study group. This is a great opportunity to share notes and actively review with others.

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7. Soothing Sunday

When workload starts to pile up, take a break and unwind! Treat yourself to a massage, spend time with your family and briefly review before going to bed.

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8. Ready-to-go Monday

After a week’s worth of studying, you are ready to conquer any assessments that await you this week. Don’t forget to top off that determination and hard work with a smile! You’ve deserved it.

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