Stopping Senioritis

Article by Kamilla Jamal

Do you have a countdown timer on your laptop until graduation? Can’t be bothered doing homework or showing up to class on time? It’s pretty likely you’ve got Senioritis. Here are 12 signs that every senior experiencing senioritis knows very well:

1. You are happy with any grade you receive.

2. This is you every time you are given an assignment.

3. You are seriously, constantly exhausted.

4. When you don’t know if you should sleep or finish your homework.

5. You don’t remember what it was like not having homework:

6. You tear up everytime you think about graduation (because you can’t wait):

7. When you are asked to do something in class:

8. When someone in your class asks you if you’ve done the homework.

9. This is how you feel every Sunday night:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.25.45 PM


10. You’ve cleared your brain of anything to do with school


11. You can’t focus

12. You’re just done.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.28.05 PM

So how to beat senioritis?

  1. Don’t forget that grades still matter! Just because you’ve been accepted to college doesn’t mean you can slack off in the final months of your senior year. Colleges will check your final transcripts. Remember – For every slacking senior with an acceptance letter in hand, there’s an eager wait-listed student doing everything in their power to earn a spot.
  2. Set goals! – Write down the goals you want to achieve between now and graduation. The goals don’t have to be major – you’ve already gotten in college! Just remind yourself to keep prioritising basic responsibilities.
  3. Take on new activities! – Write a blog, or take up a new sport! Try working out for your summer body. Seize what may be your last opportunity to get involved locally.

Don’t catch the bug – There’s a reason why it ends in an -itis! Senioritis is extremely contagious. If your classmates decide to put their responsibilities on hold, you don’t need follow in their footsteps!