Losing Seniors

Article by: Georgina Pekin

Photograph compiled from ISB IASAS Website

With the end of each year comes a turnover of both faculty and students. Coaches move on to other schools or new teams, and so do our student senior athletes as they graduate to college where they may or may not continue their beloved high school sports. Losing senior athletes can take a great toll on teams, as they provide experience, captaincy, and are great role models for younger members of the teams. IASAS gossip in determining potential meddling teams for coming years often revolves around which teams have or haven’t lost a majority of senior players. With third season quickly approaching, and so too the end of ISM’s 2014-2015 sports seasons, our senior athletes will be leaving sooner than we think! Hence, Bamboo Telegraph has interviewed both coaches and athletes to find out more about the subject of losing seniors from sports teams at ISM.

Sophia De Dios is a current Junior and member of the varsity swim team. Sophia told BT that their team will be losing five seniors, “all of whom have a significant contribution to our team dynamic and performance”. Sophia said that though overcoming the loss of seniors is difficult, their team copes through “team bondings and initiations that keep us close.” Sophia also adds that this year’s end of season will be even more difficult losing five seniors who have been a part of the team for so long, and will leave large gaps to fill in IASAS 2016.

Track and Field coach, Sam Cook gives a coaches perspective of the subject of losing seniors, and his role in keeping a team strong and motivated. Mr. Cook told BT, “Every time I coach a senior who is in their final season there is something extra special about my time with them. All the athletes can understand the pressure they are feeling to keep up with academics, the challenging training schedule and the fact that there are many other younger and eager athletes trying to take their spot.” Mr. Cook also added that it is important to “stay positive about your team and focus on the athletes in front of you. Each season provides enough time to learn the nuances of the sport, get fit, and be able to perform at the IASAS level. But, of course teams always feel a sense of disappointment without their more seasoned teammates.”

Senior athletes definitely play a large part in all of ISM’s sports teams and are dearly missed as they move on to bigger and better things. The Bearcats pride ourselves on our ability to work hard together no matter the age or grade of our athletes, and are always successful both with and without our beloved seniors. A big thank you goes out to all of our senior athletes this year for their dedication through busy IB schedules, and BT wishes good luck to our third season seniors. Let’s end the year strong Bearcats!