Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

Over the last couple of years, third-season IASAS has been moved around, from before spring-break, at the start of spring break to even right at the end of spring-break as it is in 2015. This year third season IASAS athletes will have to sacrifice their last few days of spring break for Softball, Track and Field, Badminton and Golf IASAS from the 9th to 13th of April. Consequently, athletes will be participating in the tournament from Friday to Sunday and will also be missing the first day of school after spring break. If it is so inconvenient, why is IASAS during spring break this year?

Mr. Pekin explains it all had to do with aligning the 6 IASAS schools and their spring break calendars. He quotes, “It is a difficult process with holidays like Easter for us, Songkran for ISB and other international holidays”. Another issue is the conflict with exams, as Mr. Pekin notes, “We also have to ensure that IASAS isn’t too close to IB exams as this is not the most ideal situations for seniors”. This year, both ISM and ISB will be affected by this, however next year, as Easter is earlier, spring break will be before IASAS and it will be run as it usually is, from Thursday until Saturday.

Louis Richez, Junior and IASAS football athlete, empathizes for the third season IASAS athletes. He recalls “the best part of IASAS at KL [Kuala Lumpur] was the support, students would come out of classes to cheer us on during our games and there was great support throughout the tournament.” Most athletes would agree with this as fan support is one of the pillars of IASAS, however this year’s third season schedule could compromise that as many students will be traveling and it will be difficult to get to school in the middle of spring break. Furthermore, Maddie McCormick, IASAS football athlete, believes that this scheduling will “just not be as fun”. She believes it just won’t feel like IASAS without the flying out during a school day while your friends are in class and the student support. Although many people are concerned by this year’s IASAS scheduling, we can all be confident that Mr. Pekin and rest of the IASAS will do all they can to get student support and recreate the IASAS experience that many people have come to know.

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