Sustainability and Disaster Relief Funds

Article and Poster by Jiwon Cyhn

Tuesday, January, 27, 2015 marks an important date – the day the Avengers of service all assembled. All council presidents and treasurers were present to discuss the Sustainability Fund and Disaster Relief Fund Donations 2014 – 2015. Heads from organizations ranging from ISSBA Council to the Astronomy Club attended, encircled Mr. Woods, and listened to him talk about the their current club’s bank balances, how much money the funds needed, and what each representative could do about it. After everything was explained, these prominent organizations trailed out of The Hub, monetary figures and project ideas in their mind.

But what is the Sustainability and Disaster Relief Fund that has been discussed ardently over whole school assemblies and Facebook? (like us here: These two funds are the funds that oil that service machine – without it, new projects would not be able to start, nor would any club having any seed money. The Sustainability Fund caters for the long-term, sustainable aid that ISM wants to provide to our local community. This can be used for livelihood projects to sustain a community, or for producing sustainable energy for a group of people. One successful plan the Sustainability Fund made possible were the Berdesaco Jeepneys. The Disaster Relief Fund, on the other hand, is for short-term, immediate response to the local community’s needs when a typhoon, flood, earthquake or any natural calamity happens. In fact, the Bearcats for Haiyan campaign launched in February last year was from the Disaster Relief Fund. And because of the typhoon last year, the Disaster Relief Fund has been used and, in order to finance the many new and old clubs and their activities, so has the Sustainability Fund. As mentioned in the above, without proper savings, there will be less new clubs and less projects that can occur and, should there be a typhoon or any calamity, there will be less to offer to those in desperate need of donations.

This leads us back to the reason for the meeting. In order for the two funds to run smoothly, Service Learning Council (SLC) requires one million pesos. This can be given by donations from any club in ISM. Mr. Woods, the CAS organiser, and SLC has proposed the plan to the clubs and mentioned how they have a choice, should they be willing to donate, to donate either 5%, 10%, or 15% of their funds to the Sustainability and Disaster Relief Fund. Mr. Woods also mentioned how it would be great if the means were to be given and fill the two funds before the end of this semester. He also mentions, fortunately, that this is quite achievable.

Again, the big picture must be looked at. ISM is quite fortunate to have these funds and to be able to have the funds filled quite quickly by the generous clubs. But not only can clubs make a difference – you too have personal funds that you give back to: whether it be a church weekly donation or by simply attending a Saturday Service. Remember, not all superheroes wear capes!

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