The Senior Auction

Article by: Shin Won Kim

The Senior Auction is an event that many high school students are aware of. Whether it is from hearing about the auction from other people participating in the event or from personally bidding for previous seniors, most students, if not all, are aware of the National Honor Society’s (NHS) annual event.

The Senior Auction is essentially a “sale” of seniors and teachers that gives the opportunity for anyone in the student body to ‘own’ a senior for a day. All the proceeds from previous years have been used to fund different service-related activities for NHS, such as last year’s 100,000 peso donation to the disaster relief fund following the devastating Typhoon Haiyan. This year, NHS aims to donate proceeds from this event to their newly formed service partner, Operation Smile, an organization that helps children get surgeries for cleft lip and other facial deformities.

Many students have different reactions to the upcoming event. Senior Sougata MItra, who is being auctioned in the event next week, expresses that the auction is a “very interesting way to raise money” as the event itself is extremely fun and so people “don’t necessarily realize where the money actually goes”. However, after people see and realize the benefits of the auction, “It is a very worthwhile experience.” Sophomore Jeffrey Bui, who has seen the auction take place last year, agrees and expresses that it is not only “a great opportunity for seniors to interact with students from other grades”, but also a charitable cause. Interestingly, senior Isabel Quah initially thought that it seemed like “a strange concept knowing that people were being auctioned off” but after seeing that it was for a good cause and the entertaining aspect of it, she changed her stance and thought that bidding for people is actually worth doing.

With more than 20 interesting seniors and teachers being auctioned, the upcoming Senior Auction is definitely an event to look forward to. Watch out for the seniors being auctioned in the canteen during lunchtime on February 4th and 5th!