Article by: Kyle Kim

Portability and the dimensions of phones have been constantly changing throughout the past decades. From small phones like the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact View and relatively large phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5, it is clear that there generally is no consensus regarding what is the perfect size for a smartphone.

However, with recent advancements in technology, even watches are now able to function like smartphones, equipped with high resolution and software speed. Many smart watches that have been engineered around the past year or two have started to challenge the mainstream position of a phone as a cellular device. An example of this is the Sony Ericsson Liveview, which is capable of connecting to an android device to check forms of social media such as twitter feeds. This particular device cannot call or text, but was enough to revolutionize the smartwatch industry.

Recently, many communication device companies have engineered a wide array of smart watches that perform like smartphones. The Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch allows the user not only to make and receive calls from people but also to check for new messages and notifications from 3rd party applications. The watch also features numerous fitness apps, such as a heart rate monitor. This encourages people who own the Samsung Gear 2 live a more active lifestyle. On the other hand, Apple has released its own smartwatch in three different versions: watch, watch edition and sport. The Apple Watch allows the user to call and contact people, with a response and send speed that is no different from the regular iPhone. All of these variations share a similar touch screen oriented time display, but the sport edition is geared towards a more active user in a fashion similar to the Samsung Gear 2.

It is clear and evident that more of these smart watches will be used through everyday life. These relatively new devices will be able to revolutionize the everyday aspect of communication as a simple click on a watch will suffice for communication to other people.

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