Compiled by: Isabel Lapus

There are certain movies that can’t help but bring a tear (or a tidal wave) to our eyes. Whether you’re eager to curl up with a bowl of popcorn and a movie or making sure you don’t encounter any awkward sobbing fiascos, here are 10 movie moments that’ll definitely make you cry:


1. When Andy from Toy Story 3 says goodbye to his childhood by passing Woody and the gang on to Bonnie.

toy story 3(Source:


2. When we learn what a true love story really looks like during the first ten minutes of UP


Sorry Twilight but this is how it’s done.

up 2(Source:


3. When there was definitely a fault in our stars and the end was near for Augustus Waters.


It was a pleasure having our hearts broken by you, Augustus.

TFIOS 2(Source 


4. When two people finally confess their undying love for each other in all of Nicholas Sparks’s movies.

The Notebook(Source:

a walk to remember(Source:


5. When we meet a dog in a movie and can’t help but fall in love with it. They’re not called “man’s best friend” for nothing.

In Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale the loveable and devoted Akita spends 10 years at a train station waiting for his deceased master to return.

hachiko (Source:


6. Every. single. time. the. dad. dies.

the lion king(Source: )

the last song(Source:


7.  When Tim and his dad take a walk on the beach for the last time in the movie About Time.

about time(Source: )

And all you want to do after the movie is go hug your dad.

Daddy GIF 2(Source


8. When you realized that Constantine, from The Help, died of a broken heart.

the help(Source

And you can’t help but feel broken hearted as well.

The Help GIF 2(Source


9. When happy tears were shed and the underdog finally came out on top in The Blind Side.

the blind side 1(Source:

And you secretly wish he was a part of your family too.



10. And last but not the least, during the Titanic: when Jack freezes to death and Rose promises: “I’ll never let go, Jack”.


It gets us every time.




ugly crying(Source: )

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