First Freshmen Saturday Service Trip

Article by: Devesh Rai

For freshmen entering high school, one of the biggest changes can be the emphasis placed on service. Service, essentially, is paramount to the ultimate high school experience. While work is done also in middle school to help the community, it is not until high school when students have their own responsibilities to take part in service activities. However, the freshmen this year seem to be on top of this already, as they have built a relationship with a service partner in Taytay, which, curiously, is called Taytay itself.

According to Gabie Cruz, one of the members of the Freshmen Council who helped foster a relationship with their service partner, Taytay’s “aim is to help raise money for malnourished children and also give them a place to stay.” To get to know this organization better, the Freshmen Council hosted a Saturday service trip over the past weekend to visit the children whom Taytay supported. The trip’s main purpose was to raise the spirit of the children. The students of grade 9 played a variety of fun games with them, which not only cheered the children up, but also taught them about the value of team-building. Overall, Gabie said “the trip was a great way to interact with the kids and understand what Taytay is about.” Thinking ahead, Gabie explains that they plan to “have many more service trips with them, as well as have fundraisers and various other activities in order to aid them”, ensuring that their partnership with Taytay will become more established as time progresses.

Additionally, Kat Shaw, another freshmen who went on the trip, chimed in, calling it “an amazing experience”. Kat also said that, not only did she have a great time connecting with the children, but she also found it to be a great learning experience. According to her, seeing that “those children, though they had endured many hardships in life, still managed to keep a smile on their face and were full of excitement and energy” taught her that, “no matter what situation one is in, one should always strive to make the best of it.” The trip, it seems, proved to be a resounding success!

It is apparent that the freshmen found their first trip to be an amazing experience. They thoroughly enjoyed it, and are eager to visit again, to continue building the budding relationship with Taytay. Despite just entering high school, the freshmen seem to have already found a way to help give back to the community we are a part of. Through their dedication to service, it seems that ISM’s spirit of service will endure well into the future.