Teach for the Philippines

Article by: Sarah Kim

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the Philippine government spends only around 2.65% of its national budget for education. With this minute budget, how can we expect to attract quality teachers who would otherwise seek lucrative employment elsewhere? This is where organizations like Teach for the Philippines come in. Teach for the Philippines is an organization founded in August 2012 by 3 visionary leaders who hope that “all Filipino children will have access to an excellent and relevant education” by 2050.

Teach for the Philippines recruits from top college graduates in the Philippines and countries abroad. It challenges these young “fellows” to spend 2 years giving back to their society by holding teaching positions in public schools. In order for these fellows to be qualified for service, they have to meet certain requirements such as ability to speak conversational Filipino. Then they become regular teachers expected to bear the same responsibilities as their colleagues in the school that they are placed in. This includes having a heavy workload, both from the teaching and administrative side.

Basti Belmonte felt that the talk from Margarita Delgado during our high school assembly was very “inspiring and thought provoking.” Jeff Kim, along with Basti, mentioned that he “loved the talk” and that he wanted to “do service after college in programs like Teach for the Philippines.” The talk was inspiring and  it gave many the opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of service through education. Iya Joo, a junior at ISM, stated after the assembly “teaching others through service is cardinal because it becomes the initial stepping stone to those who seldom have access to high quality education..”

We, as a school, can help Teach for the Philippines by volunteering to help out with their schools, raising awareness about the organization, and involving ourselves with their activities. Inspiring myriads of young minds around the Philippines, Teach for the Philippines is surely a great organization that ensures great education opportunities to local students.