Article By: Emmy Nam

“What’s better than having two attractive males doing your homework? Three attractive males doing your homework!” This is just one of many entertaining introductions of the amazing seniors auctioned last week. The annual Senior Auction held by the National Honor Society (NHS) took place on February 4 and 5. This event is a long held tradition, where NHS sell seniors in packages or individually for a day to not only do the buyer’s bidding, but also to raise money and donate proceeds to a service organization; this year all proceeds will go towards Operation Smile. Operation Smile’s cause is to provide free surgeries for children to repair cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities to allow children to smile properly.Senior Auction (1)Senior Auction (2)

President of NHS, Shin Won Kim, believes that, “Senior Auction is a popular event not only because it is an interesting and unique way to raise money for a good cause, but also due to the fact that it helps promote bonding between seniors and underclassmen, which is a rare and exciting opportunity itself.”

Senior Auction is a special experience that everyone remembers, whether buying, watching, or being sold. There is always a lot of buzz around the school about the event, but the calm and Senior Auction (3)collected seniors are more nervous than they let on. Saruf Alam, part of the “Indian Family” package felt that “at first [he] was a little hesitant because monetizing someone seemed so demeaning to who they were, but then realized that it was for the betterment of others and put [his] prejudices aside to see how beneficial the event really was.” Tomas Matias also had a similar realization, in which at first even though he was “insecure because [he] wasn’t sure if [he] would be bought. In the end, it’s for a good cause, so [he] decided to participate because it feels good to help out the charity.”

Despite the worries and anxiety of the seniors, everyone is bought and the Senior Auction is always a feat filled with surprises. Tomas Matias agreed and voiced his favorite part of the event was watching people bid, “because you always get a couple of surprises here and there, when people you wouldn’t expect start bidding for people you know. Then you kind of start to think about what it would be like to be their senior for a day and it’s amusing to imagine.”

Overall, the Senior Auction is always a huge success every year as it raises thousands of pesos. Last year alone, NHS raised 85,000 php to donate to service organizations. By buying seniors not only will they be happy, but also they will make you happy and we will make children happy. Operation Smile: Successful.

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