Keeping it REAL

Article by: Liz Kang

Looking for exciting trips? Then REAL Club is the club for you! According to the ISM’s website, Recreation Environment Adventure Learning (REAL) Club aims to “provide students with the chance to get out of the hectic and crowded Manila scene” and “endow a sense of adventure, camaraderie and community [while being] environmentally conscious.” Unlike other clubs in ISM, REAL offers wild outdoor experiences to students, teachers and faculty members alike.

On February 14, the club hosted a successful hike trip in Laguna. According to REAL Club president Anugraha (Anu) Babuji, this outing “provided students with a great outdoor experience where they could enjoy and appreciate the true beauty of nature.” Although the trip is held annually, this year’s was a little different from that of previous years; in addition to exploring the mountains, participants visited Mount Buntot. This allowed them to see the Hidden Falls. Anu added that despite challenges along the way, the trip ultimately gave students a truly rewarding experience.

IMG_1712REAL Club member Shine Chin shared Anu’s enthusiasm about the trip. She claimed, “It [had] been a long time since I had time to go out so this trip was a great chance for me to go hiking for the first time in over a year.” The outing also provided her with an opportunity to explore the exquisite nature of the Philippines; Shine admitted that despite living in the country for almost 3 years, she had never done so before. She believes, “[While] most other clubs stay around school and rarely get out of the safety and comfort of the city, REAL Club pushes us to go out and see and learn things we never did before.”

Thus, this trip clearly achieved the club’s aim. REAL has proven that it provides the ISM community with opportunities to embark on journeys that allow them to enjoy the remarkable nature only the Philippines can offer.