Valentine’s: A Love-Hate Relationship

Article by: Joshua Emmanuel Tan

Anchor: Nik Puno

Cinematographer: Carl Stray

Editor: Myles Rublee

Valentine’s Day is one full of love… and hate. During Valentine’s, couples express their love for one another in special ways. These range from the typical giving of roses, to the surprise of coming home to a new squealing puppy. However, this is only true for a percentage of the student population—those who are in a relationship. Most of those who are single blankly stare at the day of hearts in their calendar, awaiting the coming of their prince or princess. Although there is no question that this day was designed for love and affection for all, it is obvious which set of people lie in the better end of the spectrum.

Paulina Karlsson enjoys Valentine’s as she describes it as an occasion when she “can tell all my loved ones how much I appreciate them.” She, like many others, cherishes the “flowers and chocolates” she receives on that day. As a young child, Paulina is grateful for the days when her parents would bring her “out on dates with them,” truly experiencing the joys of celebrating Valentine’s Day even at a young age. Brendan Huehne agrees with her. He sees Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to spend “time with [his] significant other.” This year,  his ideal Valentine’s would include “a nice dinner date.” Even though couples are the main benefactors of this event, it does not mean that singles can’t enjoy it either. Dale Yim, a sophomore, is simply pleased by the atmosphere this day radiates. His favorite part of the day is when he is able to “spend time with the people [he] loves and is thankful for.” Of course, despite the fact that he is already content, he is hoping for a change in his relationship status in the near future.

In contrast, Jinny Park completely “hates” Valentine’s because she believes that “it is only for those who have ongoing relationships.” On that certain day, she is bothered by the fact that she sees “decorations everywhere” she goes. Furthermore, Jinny adds to this as she thinks people get “penalized if [they] are not in a relationship.” Similarly, Jasmine Yu-Banos has severely disliked Valentine’s for the past years because she does not have a “love interest” or anyone to “send [her] flowers.” Her memory of this day is merely watching her friends happily receiving “gifts or flowers.” Yet, she is convinced that she would have definitely relished Valentine’s if she would have a “person to celebrate it with.”

Overall, it is clear that one of the main sources of resentment towards Valentine’s is caused by a lack of a partner in spite of Dale’s opinion. As Soo Yeon describes it: “the best part of Valentine’s is seeing love, while the same is true for the worst.”