Valentines and Service

Article by Gitika Bose

Roses are red, violets are blue, FHS, Tri-M and SPECS have some surprises for you. Many of the clubs at ISM have been working hard to create a joyous atmosphere as the day of love, Valentine’s Day, approaches. But these clubs don’t only want to make this special for all students, they also want to make their projects meaningful and branch out to the rest of the Philippine community. ISM’s Valentine themed service projects share happiness with ISM’s students and the Philippine community.

Valentine’s Day is the day when loved ones exchange cards, gifts and smiles, to show appreciation for one another. Every year, various clubs use these traditions to create pleasant memories for ISM students and raise funds, which they then donate to service partners. “Valentine’s Day is always a fun time for clubs. It gives clubs a clearer theme to follow and have fun with! Plus, with events such as Valentine’s Day, there always seems to be a little more incentive for people to make the effort to appreciate others,” shared Adelle Dimitui, president of the French Honors Society (FHS) at ISM.

For the first time at ISM, FHS has partnered with Tri-M, so students may have their loved one serenaded on their behalf. Miss Bailey, supervisor of FHS, expressed that “it will certainly be exciting. It allows people to show their talents, most of the students involved are also taking part in BOB […] and some of them will sing in French when they are not studying French, so a challenge for them, showing great dedication for service and making other people happy. And French is the language of LOVE after all!” We can all agree that this is going to be one of the most stimulating events of the year, and of course French truly does have a romantic sound to it. It won’t be long before the whole school recites, “Je t’aime” or “I love you.” The best part is, students do not need a reason to serenade someone, if they truly admire or respect someone, may it be a friend or a stranger, they should feel happy to. At the same time of course, they would be donating to Berdesaco, the service partner of FHS.

For years SPECS has followed the tradition of giving Valentine’s Day roses, yet each year, when a student receives a rose, they cannot help but be thrilled and shine their best smile. But buying these roses is just as fun as receiving them – the excitement of knowing you’ll put a smile on the face of someone you adore – a friend, a peer, even a teacher – is beyond imagination. “Delivering roses is a fun and exciting way to raise money for SPECS […] it’s a good way to engage the ISM community and our club members in being an active contributor to SPECS,” claims Bernice Delos Reyes, co-president of SPECS club. While she, too, believes that occasions are helpful when raising funds, she reminds us that “clubs in ISM don’t need special events to do fund raisers, because we come up with creative ways to do so anyways.”

In that light, lets all find somebody we respect, admire, love, and evoke a sense of joy within them. Give them a reason to be happy and you will find yourself happy. If that is not incentive enough for you, remember that the money these clubs receive will be donated to their service partners, Berdesaco and SPECS respectively.