Article by: Shin Won Kim

Despite being a relatively new club, the KASAMA club has continued to show incredible progress in the past two years. KASAMA, which stands for KApamilya SA International School Manila, was initially a subgroup of the Service Learning Council (SLC) and was not officially a club. Its main aim is to give back to the ISM staff, and so, to achieve its goal, KASAMA plans and spearheads several service activities for the children of the ISM staff.

Last semester, KASAMA took part in several service trips ranging from joint a Christmas-themed service trip with different clubs and councils to a trip to Ocean Park sponsored by the Service Learning Council. Treasurer of KASAMA Club, Liana Samson, felt that the joint service trip and KASAMA club’s “collaboration with junior and senior class councils” gave them the opportunity “to branch out and experience collaboration with others”. Additionally, it gave the children “a chance to meet other kids” not affiliated with KASAMA, which was also a valuable experience.

Other than Saturday Service trips, KASAMA brings several staff children to International Family Fun Day so that the children can have fun and enjoy. Because it is virtually impossible to carry out the event without the help of the ISM staff, many understand the importance of giving their children the opportunity to be part of the event and enjoy the food and activities prepared. Liana feels that this was one of the most valuable activities that KASAMA Club has done all year, as the children “[do not] usually have the chance to be treated to fun activities or interact with people of other nationalities.” She feels that it is a way for us, the ISM students, to show our gratitude to the custodians and service workers “by taking care of their kids” and giving them a day of fun activities.

With a successful semester behind them, we can only wait with excitement for what the KASAMA club has to offer this second semester. Though still a relatively young club, KASAMA has definitely made an impact on the school and will continue to do so.