Article By: Ayla Ahmed

Video by: Robbi Sy, Angelica Cucueco, and Tomas Matias

Even if the dictionary defines Prom as a formal dance, for many, it’s much more. Prom is one of the most memorable parts of high school; a night filled with music, laughter and most importantly, the closest friends you will make in your life.

The theme this year is, “Claire de Lune”, french for “under the moonlight”- the perfect setting for a romantic night. Centered around moonlight, the theme incorporates shades of navy blue decked out with stars and most importantly, a glimmering moon. Junior and prom committee member, Isabela Gatmaytan tells Bamboo Telegraph, “We chose Clair de Lune because of the sophisticated, elegant, and classic quality such a theme holds.” One of the most memorable things about every prom are the dazzling decorations and according Isabela, “There is a lot of potential in different aspects of the event, such as decorations/design and food, because of how open-ended the theme actually is.” This year’s prom will be held on Saturday, April 1 in the Fairmont. Fellow junior and committee member Lau Pena tells us, “This year, prom is at the Fairmount Hotel so that on its own is a pretty big change. The committee has put in a lot of hard work and we are so excited for everyone to see it on the day!”

But apart from the actual event itself, what exactly is it about this “formal dance” that makes it so appealing? Senior Christine Gosioco answers, “I came from a British school where prom wasn’t as big a deal, but I guess that the reason it’s important in ISM is that many people hope it will be one of the most memorable nights of high school.” Fellow senior Danielle Limcaoco adds, “It gives upperclassmen a memorable event that they can look back on even once they graduate.” Aside from the memories, much of the hype about prom is centered around the spectacular, often extravagant promposals.

Ranging from large, public promposals to smaller, more personal ones, promposals often use a variety of materials. When asked about her “ideal” promposal, Lau tells us, “I’d like to think I probably have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. If a guy asked me and it had anything to do with candy, I would (most probably) say yes!” Continuing with this theme of food, Danielle adds, “something that makes me laugh, and something that involves food.” On the contrary, when asked about her ideal promposal, Christine replies, “Not in public. Hopefully in a simple and personal way?” Big or small, private or public, food or no food, promposals and prom itself is one of the highlights of high school.

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