The 13 Best Reactions to “The Dress That Broke The Internet”

Compiled by: Maxine Alindogan

Black and blue or white and gold? The internet has been swarming with opinions since February 25, when 21-year old Caitlin McNeill asked her Tumblr followers to help her and her friends figure out the actual color of this particular dress. The billion dollar question caught the attention of celebrities, television shows, product brands and creative vine/tweet/tumblr/facebook users alike. Here are the 13 best reactions to “The Dress That Broke The Internet” (

1. Joe Jonas took the opportunity to remind us of Kylie Jenner’s bold hairdo,

2. Taylor Swift got confused…

3. Ben Smith, the editor-in chief of Buzzfeed, rushed to the ER to have his daughter’s vision checked.

4. Drake’s fans decided to try to provide an explanation for these different perceptions through their idol’s “philosophy,”

5. “The Royals” television series showed us who’s boss:

6. Realizing how controversial this might actually be, Ellen tweets:

7. While McDonalds reminded us that Caramel Sundaes will never fail to make us happy,

8. Clorox displayed that success comes through years of quality service,

9. And Oreo showed everyone that we’re all pretty late to the trend.

10. Although the dress may have elicited some musical creativity,

11. Michael Jackson reminds us that it doesn’t matter what we choose,

12. And that we have to let it go sooner or later…

13. Because even Katniss felt like she was back in the arena 🙂

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