Athlete in Focus: Molly B.

Article by: DeeDee Aeschliman

Photography by: Ji Young Kim

When Molly B. first moved to ISM as an eighth grader, she felt inspired by her older brother’s pursuit of running.  At the time, her brother Luke was a senior and was trying out for the cross-country team.  Coincidentally, Molly herself was infected by the running contagion, and coupled with the encouragement of her parents, she decided to take up the sport that would later define her life.

Today, Molly is the holder of many prestigious titles. She is not only the IASAS cross-country record breaker for the 5K (with a time of 19 minutes and 22 seconds) but she is also the IASAS record breaker for the 3K (with a time of 10 minutes and 35 seconds) and for 1.5K (with a time of 4 minutes and 54 seconds) in track and field.  These are certainly astounding achievements for someone of her age, considering that Molly is only a sophomore!

Because of the tiresome nature of track, Molly jokes that sometimes she “doesn’t enjoy IMG_7792running that much”.  Nevertheless, she is definitely aware of the fruits that can be reaped from this hard labor, and admits that she “can’t imagine quitting”.  Indeed, the health benefits of regular physical exercise are hard to ignore; running is a surefire way to build muscle, enhance endurance, improve cardiovascular activity, and stay fit.  Furthermore, the camaraderie that exists among her fellow athletes makes running enjoyable.  “I love the team,” Molly exclaims. “It’s fun and we have such a good time together.”

Off-season, Molly also tries to train as much as she can.  Although schoolwork and family chores do not permit her to indulge in running day in and day out, Molly does timed runs when she finds the time.  However, summer vacation provides Molly with a great opportunity to train, and whilst on the long break she runs with her brother and cousin.

As of now, Molly is unsure where the future will exactly take her, but she is sure that two more exciting years in high school athletics await!  Will her running career stop there?  We do not know, but we do know that ISM is lucky to boast of such a star athlete – Molly Bailey who is known throughout the IASAS schools as one of the fastest girls to ever compete.