Written by: Lucas Ramos

During the second semester of the School Year, the Robotics Club tends to build whatever they have in mind. And this really means anything, all for the Robolution, an annual maker faire for the various students across all grade levels to show their latest creations in robotics. The robots on display range from Lego creations done by Middle School students to the more advanced Vex robotics made from metal that High School students use. With a wide variety of robots, there is guaranteed to be something that interests any spectator.

The robots that are constructed are diverse. Rather than multiple teams trying to solve a single obstacle with huge, complex robots, Robolution instead features a multitude of robots based on whatever ideas people have. Currently, the robots people have built have a wide variety, ranging from Rubik cube solvers to extremely geared robots that move extremely fast. In addition to these robots, there are many other attractions there. We will also be demonstrating our sustainable garden, which is able to maintain a garden through solar-power, and various Arduino projects, including some that will be able to light up a dark corridor with a variety of neon lights. These creations are all unique, as students have dedicated much of their time to ensure that the constructs they have made will all be able to entertain the audiences who come.

11026507_966320590059848_900493119_nThere is a wide range of students who are involved in this event, all with their own creative designs. Freshmen Abhinav Bathula comments for his first ever Robolution that “I’m excited to take part in the event, especially because of all the interesting projects that have been made such as the robot which is a game involving pushing a Ping-Pong ball around with fans. I am also excited to show my robot to children, a ‘scaredy-bot’ that just runs away from people.” Other, more veteran robotics club members like the club’s Vice President Steve Nam find Robolution important because of how “it reaches out to the various grades in our school, inspiring possible enthusiasm in the future generations who could become interested in robotics.”

Overall, there are many reasons why coming to Robolution is a great idea, as there are many projects which members are excitedly willing to show to the public. So be there, on March 13 anytime during the school day to witness these wonderful works!

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