Article By: Alice Ye

Although it is ranked first out of the 10 most popular attractions in Antipolo City, most people in the Manila community haven’t heard of the Pinto Art Museum (PAM). This museum is packed with unique artwork from local Filipino artists, but it’s not the typical museum or gallery a visitor would expect. Not only is the exhibited artwork inventive and quirkily original, with mediums ranging from wire sculptures to expansive oil murals, but also the art extends to the beyond the walls of the museum itself; part of the exhibition is in a garden, and the building it is housed in is widely considered as a work of art. There are multiple exhibition rooms and each detail of the site, including the doors and sunny rooftop organic cafe, has been carefully crafted to treat the visitors.

Open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 to 3pm with an entrance fee of only 100 pesos and only a half-hour drive away from Fort Bonifacio, the museum is the perfect way to spend a “peaceful and relaxing” afternoon, as one visitor commented on TripAdvisor. Overall, the museum has garnered highly positive reviews, earning it a 93% rating overall. The variety of predominantly modern Filipino artwork displayed was deemed “excellent” and the spectacular gardens complementing the white, Mediterraneanesque architecture and fantastic view of Metro Manila add to the overall atmosphere. The beautiful surroundings of lush landscapes and breathtaking architecture have also made it an increasingly popular site for prenuptial and wedding photos, as well as wine and cheese parties.

Additionally, there is an artist-in-residence who manages the museum and gives guided tours to visitors. One visitor described it as “well-guided and engaging”, which made “the experience more meaningful and worthwhile”, as the guide described and explained many of the pieces of artwork and the varied themes behind them. Overall, the PAM has proven to be a worthwhile and interesting experience for adults and children alike. Being a great way to unwind, if you have a few hours on an idle Sunday afternoon, PAM is definitely worth considering drive out to and admiring.

Recently, modern art has been picking up popularity in the Philippines, especially with the youth, and has become an even more respectable profession in the community. The PAM is just one example of the up and coming art scenes in the Philippines, and we can definitely expect to see many more unique, creative exhibits that showcase Filipino talent and ingenuity in the future.

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