By Joseph Hadaway

On February 27, 2015, all Business and Management Higher Level 1 students were excused from their classes to participate in the Business Entrepreneur and Sustainable Product Competition. Groups had to come up with two products: one that would produce sales and another that was sustainable. They then had to present their ideas in front of a series of investors, consisting of owners of successful businesses, along with the IB Business and Management teacher, Mr. Vithayathil.

News_ Business Entrepreneur and Sustainable Product Competition - Week 23

As part of this project, students were given a lot of class time to complete the significant amount of work required. This consisted of making two commercials and presentations that included the design, production costs, and estimated sales of each product. Participant Andrea M. admitted that one of the hardest aspects of the competition was coming up with a design that was both original and creative. Despite the challenge, her group – Crystalle Kei F., Daniyal T., Jie (Jack) F., and herself – managed to do both. On the day of the competition, they presented a temperature-changing water bottle for the Business Entrepreneur Competition and an updated design for paper straws for the Sustainable Product Competition.

Andrea also states that by participating in the competitions, she gained a deeper understanding of what entrepreneurs do to earn their living. The competition ignited the students’ creativity by giving them an opportunity to design their own products and present them in front of proven businessmen. Furthermore, participants were granted significant insight on the vitality of businesses and innovation to the future of sustainability. Thus, students emerged with a greater idea about their potential role in saving the Earth from global warming, which, according to a leaked 2014 United Nations report, is already inevitable.

At the end of the day, the winner of the Sustainable Product Competition was Purify, consisting of Marielle O., Nomi I., Charan U. and Sidd J. The winner of the Business Entrepreneur Competition was Blue Anchor with Seth H., Julianna C., Claudia E., and Seungchan (Jake) L. Regardless of the results, all participants had a very fulfilling and educational experience that would surely benefit them in the future.

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