Francophone Week

Article by: Anu Babuji

Guess what is happening at school? Many students may answer “IASAS Cultural Convention (CulCon)” or stressed out Seniors might cry, “Oh No! Mocks!” These are perfectly adequate answers, but Francophone Week is another special event that is happening this week.

Whilst most high school students are engrossed in commitments, study schedules, and CAS hours, many fail to recognize other events that are also happening at school, such as Francophone Week. At this moment, some of you might be wondering, WHAT exactly is Francophone Week?

Francophone Week, exclusively celebrated at our school with the help of the French Honor Society (FHS), is a week-long celebration in which the French language and different aspects of the Francophone Culture are celebrated. Francophone Week, also known as the National French Week (La Semaine de Français), is celebrated by countries all around the world to raise awareness and understanding of Francophone Culture.

According to Senior Chantal Marauta, Vice President of the French Honor Society, Francophone Week is “a week especially designated to celebrate the quirks and wonders of French culture.” She continues, “Francophone week is a fun way to enlighten the ISM community on francophone culture. We celebrate food, french cinema, and just spread the francophone spirit! It’s not all verb conjugation and tenses, but a wonderful culture that should be more appreciated!”

As Chantal stated above, Francophone Week is held as an event in our school to celebrate the many delightful perks of Francophone culture. But what EXACTLY is FHS doing to make this week a memorable experience for our fellow bearcats?

Chantal describes the events to be held as “Walking to Paris and back!” She further elaborates by saying “We’re interacting with different ISM communities in order to spread the Francophone love: not only are we having the school band perform french songs in the courtyard, we’re also hosting a french-food buffet on Wednesday at lunch with Francophone parents, having a French chef come and do a cooking workshop wednesday afternoon, and showing a hilarious Belgian romcom on Friday, entitled ‘Émotifs Anonymes'”.

Here is a run-down of the events that will be held on each day of Francophone Week:

  • Day 1 (Monday, March 9th 2015) : French Treat (Bon-Bon) Distribution
      • In order to kick-start Francophone Week with a sweet tooth, FHS will be distributing candy, also known as Bon-Bon in french, after Homebase.
  • Day 2 (Tuesday, March 10th 2015): French Music Bells
      • FHS will be playing French Music instead of our daily, humdrum, school bells, to set in delightful french vibes throughout the day.
  • Day 3 (Wednesday, March 11th 2015): French Lunch Buffet
      • Giving students this rare opportunity, FHS will be organising a French lunch Buffet with home-cooked traditional French food.
  • Day 4 (Thursday, March 12th 2015): Eiffel Tower Photobooth
      • FHS will be setting up a Polaroid station outside the cafeteria, with an Eiffel Tower background, providing students a chance to make a “virtual” trip to Paris and back, in just one click of a polaroid.
  • Day 5 (Friday, March 13th 2015): French Movie Night
    • To wrap up all the French goodness spread in the ISM High School community throughout the whole week, FHS will be showing a hilarious Belgium Romance-Comedy film, “Émotifs Anonymes”.

Having said that, it is highly encouraged that all high school students take part in this fun and French Culture-filled week. Even though it may be unsaid, it is safe to say that we all inevitably find secret pleasure in indulging in the french culture. To end with a positive note, here is a french joke:

QUESTION: Two cats decided to race across a river. The first cat was named “One-two-three” and the second cat was named “Un-deux-trois”. Which cat won the race and crossed the river first?

ANSWER: “One-two-three” cat won, since “Un-deux-trois” cat sank! HAHAHAH!

(Context: Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Cinq is 1,2,3,4,5 in French)