Athlete In Focus: Waldo Reyes

Article by: Matt Sicat

Photography by: Sienna Hagedorn

One of the more interesting and newest IASAS sports is golf. Although the sport is still fairly new, ISM has an immense amount of golfing talent. Senior and MVP golfer Waldo Reyes is one of our exceptionally talented Bearcat golfers who continue to make waves as third season picks up.

As both a basketball player and golfer, Waldo recites that it’s “important to stay motivated to play even when work piles up and you barely get any sleep.” Juggling work, sport and play can be difficult, especially with a sport as “time consuming” and “tedious” as golf. Nevertheless, Waldo always aims to play everyday until IASAS to hone his skills and make sure he is in prime shape for the tournament.

Athlete in focus pic 2 by SiennaWaldo began playing golf at 7 years old. He cites his favorite player Tiger Woods “because he dominates” and his father who taught him everything about the game as his two inspirations. “They’re the reason I play so much,” he says. Waldo has come a long way from a 7-year-old golfer. Within ISM, Waldo sees himself as a role model for the team. “My experience playing in various tournaments as well as in IASAS rubs off on the rest of the team,” he states. “Even my little brother looks up to me!”

Because of the nature of IASAS, an individual sport like golf quickly turns into a joint team effort. “It changes the whole dynamic of how I approach the game. In order to win, everybody needs to contribute,” Waldo recites. As one of the few seniors on the team, Waldo repeatedly finds himself in positions of teaching and mentoring, just like a coach. He states that he needs to “teach the ‘young bloods’ how to handle certain situations they might encounter out on the course.” Even so, Waldo has high hopes for the team this year, as they have some exciting new talent. “Losing my brother Rafa was a big blow for the team, but I think we have a really good chance [at winning] this year.”

As IASAS is quickly approaching, Waldo is readying himself both physically and mentally. “I love the competition. It’s what drives me,” he says. “I’ll admit it: golf is boring as hell to watch, but when you play, you just get into the zone.” Golf is one of the most mentally demanding sports, but we have complete confidence in our fellow Bearcat golfers and in Waldo. “Whatever happens, this year is my last chance to grind it out and really have fun,” he says. “Let’s do it!”