Producer: Celina Spielman
Anchor: Nik Puno
Cinematographer: Carl Stray

Article by: Sarah Kim PREP (Promoting Rural Educations in the Philippines) was established in 1992 by Vicky Herrera and a select group of ISM students. PREP’s main aim is to supplement the education of public schools in rural areas, specifically Tagaytay. Jeongmook, a senior who joined the most recent PREP trip, commented “it empowered [me] as a person,” and he realized “we could make a change even though our visits to the school only last 3 to 4 hours.” PREP plans lessons for various subjects from health, art, geography, and many more. Vicky Herrera noted that the most amazing aspect of PREP is that the students “run the club entirely by themselves, and it’s amazing how they come up with the most brilliant ideas every time.” Junior Sayaka Kobayashi, member of PREP, believes that PREP is “unlike other service groups,” since it is “composed of a small number of people, so it’s easier to get to know everyone. We work hard together to come up with our lesson plans so that the kids in local schools can enjoy our classes.” However, PREP wants to give students new and exciting learning experiences – one that differs from their day-to-day lectures and tests. They plan activities that are fun, engaging, and memorable. Some activities PREP spearheaded this year include: milk and color science experiments, tie-dying t-shirt art, and a spin-off of ISM’s “Battle of the Bearcats” (BOB). This school year, PREP was able to plan 4 trips to Tagaytay. To fund its many projects and trips, PREP accepts donations and raises money for its partnered local schools. This year, PREP, through the Battle of the Band’s donation, had enough money to buy 120 desks for the Isidro Cuadra Elementary School in Tagaytay. Additionally, PREP hosts annual garage sale – this year, the group was able to raise an outstanding 26,000 pesos! The amount of money PREP receives helps to create successful service projects; this is why PREP is such a thriving service club. Lastly, Vicky mentions the aspect of PREP that she is proudest of is “it is really student run.” PREP will be releasing applications soon, and invites anyone passionate about service to apply! Vicky believes that students who are good fit  for PREP are the “students who are able to make the best connections with the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Also, PREP members are constantly looking for talent, good communicators, quick thinkers.”