Anchor: Reine M.
Cinematographer: Liah G.
Editor: Steve M.

Article by: Dan Jachim

A famed world leader once said that “Hate is more lasting than dislike”. If that is true, memories of mock exams will persist far longer than people want, and haunt them every step of the way. When seniors were asked about mock exams, smiles turned to panic, laughter shriveled and died, and the very warmth of their blood seemed to fade. There is no single greater cause of stress to the current seniors, and soon, they will enter the crucible of their high school endeavors; one from which none will emerge unscathed.

Yet these exams do not exist solely to cause stress in those who already feel too burdened. Rather, they exist to allow a student’s progress to be gauged in a very quantitative way. Whether or not it is good, we live in a world focused on the tangible: A grade is an easy way to determine who is “better” for something, and is easily measurable and comparable. Thus, being able to receive a preliminary grade can be most useful for not just the students, but teachers as well. The latter seems less clear, but it is not unimaginable. For example, if an entire class does poorly on, say, a group of questions asking about statistics, the most likely explanation is that the class needs some stats review. Thus, the teachers can prepare the students for the areas they need help in.  However, it is the students, not the teachers, who sit at the mercy of the razor sharp culling blade that are Mock Exams.

When faced with the prospects of tests, most students experience a rush of emotions: Fear, denial, and rage are but a few, and are some of the less severe. However, one not often felt, which should be considered more, is a thirst to learn. These exams are a perfect opportunities for students to receive legitimate reports on how well they have been doing for the past few years. At a school were some have checked their grades nearly 600 times in 6 months, that kind of feedback is surely an important gift.

Famous poet Vanilla Ice once said “Love it or Leave it, you better gain way”. That philosophy works so well for Mock exams, it must be wondered if Vanilla Ice was an IB Student? (He wasn’t). Whether you like them or not, they are necessary, so one might as well learn to deal with them, and maybe actually try to gain something from them. Who knows, these exams may just be worth it in the end?