Top 8 Things Upperclassmen Actually Do During Study Hall

Compiled by: Sienna Hagedorn

One of the most anticipated perks of becoming an upperclassman and entering the IB program is enjoying one free block (or two if you’re lucky) of study hall.  Study Hall is a time given to students in order to help them catch up or get ahead at work; however, most students aren’t as productive as they’d like to be during this time. Here are the top 8 things that upperclassmen actually do during in study hall:


1. Play Curve Fever

Are your right and left arrow keys slightly lower than the rest of your keyboard? Then you’ve definitely caught the curve fever. This highly addictive and competitive game doesn’t only affect one procrastinator but every student within its reach during study hall.

Playing Curve Fever (Source:


2. Sleep

Some students use this time to get an energy boost before their next class after a long night of studying, writing their IA’s, reflective statements, applications for reassessment for just about every test they take or any other fun paper for the IB.



3. Catch Up on TV Shows

Having study hall with your friends can be both a blessing and a burden in disguise. When students are finding it hard to concentrate, sometimes they take “catching up on their favorite shows” off their to-do list during this time because they just can’t concentrate.

Watching TV(Source


4. Go to the Canteen

The best perk of study hall is that a hungry stomach can be satisfied at your tummy’s desire. Just make sure you don’t eat in the library! 😉

Go to the canteen(Source:×540/fit/hostedimages/1398721502/9455623.gif)


5. Take Snapchats

At the end of the day, when you check your “story” feed on Snapchat, there’s usually an influx of newly updated snapchats with bookshelves and comfy-looking couches in the background.

Snapchats (Source:


6. Prom-pose

Some students choose to brighten up other people’s day by asking that special someone to prom!



7. Think About Doing Work

Inevitably, there are students who spend so much time worrying about the amount of work that they have that time slips through their fingers.

Thinking About Doing Work (Source:


8. Actually Do Work

Although they’re a minority, there are actually some students who get work done during study hall and they should serve as examples for us procrastinators. The more work you get done in school, the less you have to do at home! 🙂

Actually Doing Work (Source: