Article by: Isabel Quah

IASAS Cultural Convention is an incredible IASAS event. As most events in IASAS Cultural Convention lack the competitive nature of IASAS sports, friendships are formed, as are exciting learning experiences. While IASAS Forensics and Debate was hosted on our home turf, Music was hosted at ISB and Art, Dance, Drama and Tech were at SAS.  This week, our Bearcats have come back with insurmountable enjoyable experiences.

Focusing specifically on the Art, Dance, Drama and Tech Cultural Convention, there are many underlying questions which some non-delegates may have for the fabulous artists, dancers and actors. With such an array of talented delegates from four different practices, this year’s cultural convention was packed with memorable moments.

First time IASAS Drama delegate, Senior Joey Taneja, recalls the overall experience as enjoyable. He states: “Drama kids are crazy, the restrooms or team rooms were split by arts, and the drama room was always busy! People were always dancing or singing in the room and generally everyone has a sense of humor.”

In addition to this, the highlight of the IASAS banquets can be attributed to the tradition of calling delegates out for their IASAS crush through a series of name chanting and table banging, resulting in the chosen victim having to stand up and hug his or her IASAS crush. When asked about his IASAS crush, Joey responds with  “#TeamJJ”.

Similarly, Senior Chantal Marauta, who is a second year delegate for IASAS Drama, claims that her favorite part of the convention was the free periods in which delegates from other schools were able to bond with one another. “Being artists of the same craft, it was interesting to bond with people who completely understood my eccentricity, and who gave back the same high energy! It was refreshing and revitalizing!” With regards to her much-anticipated response to IASAS crushes, she admits that multiple boys tugged at her heartstrings. “I had multiple [crushes]. All day every day! Although I’m proud to say that the ISMers started the IASAS crush ritual at the leaving banquet this year. Our table was wild!”

Many of our fine and talented Bearcats are heavily involved with the fine arts, and their involvement allows for their artistic qualities to shine through. Not only do delegates represent ISM, but they also form new friendships and experience the spirit of the IASAS family.  Congratulations to all the delegates returning from their respective Cultural Conventions! It was a job well done after these past few months of tireless rehearsals and practices. Though post-CulCon blues seem to take you over, life goes on, and as this chapter of your life closes, another one is ready to spring into action.

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