Green Earth Heritage Foundation

Article by: Devesh Rai

ISM boasts a variety of service clubs partnering with countless service organizations throughout the Philippines. However, the passion for service within the ISM community is so prominent that, for many, simply doing school-related service isn’t enough. Many students find themselves wanting to cover new ground, reach out to uncharted areas, and help a few more people. Because of this, numerous students have joined non-school affiliated organizations, or created their own. Multiple such organizations are popular amongst our students, including PREP, UNICEF, and Green Earth Heritage Foundation.

Since its 2009 conception in the Philippines, Green Earth has aimed to “preserve the environment, adhere to sound and sustainable agricultural practices, and help in the alleviation of poverty through livelihood, education and community development.” Headed by our very own Angelo Manaloto, the youth movement operates in San Miguel, Bulacan. According to its member Anu Babuji, Green Earth “helps underprivileged children and simultaneously strives to achieve sustainability in the local community.” The major reason why some students join Green Earth over other service organizations is its emphasis on preserving the environment. This was certainly the case for Bryan Kang, who is extremely concerned about the increasing problems the Earth faces today from environmentally harmful practices. He says that “students should have a sustainable lifestyle and try to raise awareness of the environmental problems we are having so that we can strive for a better future.”

Bryan certainly isn’t wrong. With people carelessly littering the streets, factories producing massive amounts of carbon emissions, and corporations dumping waste into rivers and chopping millions of trees, our impact on the environment has been so staggering that there may be severe repercussions in the near future. We need to take action, and Green Earth provides us with the opportunity to do so. This year, Green Earth plans to raise P100,000 and plant one thousand trees in the Bulacan region, a significant step towards making the region more sustainable. While Green Earth may not be an official ISM club, it is certainly is a big part of the ISM community, as it gives us the chance to act against one of the most serious issues we face today.