The Neglected IASAS – Music

Article by: Emmy Nam

Cinematography by: Curt Zabala

Edited by: Cristian Ayala

Anchor: Bianca Cartera

The annual IASAS Cultural Convention took place from March 5-7 this year. This year, by hosting IASAS Forensics & Debate we were able to watch amazing performances and attitude-filled debates between the IASAS school delegates. However, there has been so much hype about the intriguing speeches during IASAS Forensics & Debate, the elegant dance shows conducted by IASAS Dance, and the funny acts staged by IASAS Drama, that IASAS Music has been neglected.

IASAS Music is often overlooked during cultural convention, partly because it is a non-competitive IASAS event. However, this is a shame, because during IASAS Music, students prepare powerful and challenging solos that showcase their talent. Despite the non-competitive atmosphere of IASAS Music, Jeongmook Lim expressed that there is always a pressure or “sense of feeling to do better than the previous year.” He feels that because at the music convention they do not compete with others, you mainly focus on competing with yourself as you explore different types of music. Robbi Sy felt that he actually enjoyed the non-competitive environment more, because that’s when he “really began to bond with other people with the same interests, because you do it for your enjoyment, not to compete.”

A way that IASAS Music is peculiar and exciting, is that they all have a bonding event called the Coffeehouse, where delegates who wish to perform with their close friends get an opportunity to do so. Sooyeon Hong stated that, “it’s funny, because it’s like we’re the people you see in movies where people just put together last minute musical numbers in 5 minutes and they’re amazing. This year, I saw the same thing where ISM performed uptown funk with some other IASAS school participants, and it was super successful.” IASAS is a great opportunity to make friends, and the opportunity to “[play] breathtaking music with people [he] didn’t know existed 3 days ago” was Jeongmook’s favorite part of the entire event.

Now, don’t let the smooth musics and their seemingly effortless performances fool you. Practicing for solos and ensemble pieces requires a lot of time and tedious effort. Not only do the delegates practice twice a week together, they use their individual free time to continuously rehearse and perfect their pieces.

In the end, performing these ensemble pieces with so many other talented musicians completes the IASAS Music experience as it is through performing together that these artists feel the true power of the music. While Robbi was onstage, he felt “this inner effect; like huge waves of chills,” whereas Jeongmook Lim focused on the people he met and the experience of music bringing them together, because “music does wonders, bringing lovers together.”