Bolígrafo by SHS

Article by Anu Babuji

Photo by Trisha Pazcoguin

Looking for new and adventurous vacation destinations? Want to enrich your taste buds by delving into a whole new world of foods and flavours? Would you like to take your musical tastes to new horizons? Or do you simply seek to be a more cultured and informed citizen? Well look no further because the Spanish Honour Society has just the thing for all your needs! Let their new blog Bolígrafo take you all over the Spanish speaking world in search of mesmerizing tourist destinations, catchy music and amazing festivities in just a few clicks.

According to SHS co-president and junior Aparna Mohan, “Boligrafo was created with the aim of promoting awareness of Hispanic culture and its influence in our increasingly globalized world.” She adds that “’Boligrafo’ is Spanish for pen and the blog is entitled such for its simplicity as well as to give it a poetic and sentimental aura.” SHS officer and junior Vicky Chiaradia believes that Bolígrafo is “a way for SHS to spread the Hispanic culture to the whole school and even people around the world at this point.” With its recommendations of top Spanish music, best tourist spots and delicious recipes, Boligrafo sure does live up to its promise of providing a window into the rich and diverse Hispanic culture.

But how did “Boligrafo” come to be?

According to junior and SHS member Ash Li Khoo, “[Bolígrafo] was born out of the necessity for the society to have a bigger presence in the school and to put to action to its main principle of spreading Hispanic culture. Everyone really had to put in effort to make it work and that’s how it is as it is today!” As for the medium of choice Aparna says “We came up with this idea to capitalize on the fact that we are in an increasingly digitized world so people are more likely to read quick blog posts and watch videos as opposed to read print. This idea also enables us to make use of a variety of media such as videos and articles.”

All three SHS members can attest to the time and effort put into creating Boligrafo and while proud of the impact made thus far, believe Boligrafo “still [has] a long way to go since this is just the beginning.”

So what are you waiting for? Travel to the Spanish speaking world and back with just a few clicks:

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