Fitness Revolution

Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

Photography by: Yoonhee  Tian

To gym or not to gym. That is the question. Over the last 10 years or so, the world has gone through a fitness revolution. More and more people want to find ways to stay healthy; may it be lifting, fitness classes or even supplements. Around two years ago, these trends finally hit ISM as suddenly hoards of students started hitting the gym. As ISM is a diverse community, we have seen a diverse range of methods that our student body follows to stay healthy.

Josh Miller, Varsity Rugby and Football athlete, claims that he owes his athletic prowess to just ‘playing’ sports. Josh says that playing any sport, regardless of skill, is a great way to get fit and stay healthy. He believes that playing sports is effective as it works out all parts of your body, rather than just focusing on individual parts which makes you more fit as a whole. Additionally, he notes that playing sports will allow you to work on your skills and make you a better player. As he says, “by playing I work on technique and fitness without really noticing”.

On the other hand, Tony Yoon strongly supports the use of the gym and its facilities to stay fit. Tony is one of many students at ISM who take Personal Fitness and work out at the gym. He believes that hitting the gym is effective in staying healthy, especially when you want to get toned, as he believes that the facilities allow you to focus on individual body parts. Furthermore, he also supports the use of protein powder to enhance the effects of the gym. Though he recognizes that ‘protein’ is not the most healthy, he states, “Anything in moderation is okay”. Tony is not the only one who has jumped the protein bandwagon as we can see more and more people with the trademark ‘Protein Mixer Bottles’.

DSC_5139Lastly, Akira Sugata believes that an effective and fun way to get fit is aerial yoga. She believes that this is a great way to get healthy through yoga as well as just have a lot of fun. She recalls that this is a true simulation of what yoga aims to create. As yoga is done to relax, de-stress and get a feeling of floating, aerial yoga is very effective as you can literally float as you are suspended by ropes. Furthermore, she also encourages people to look at videos of Dance Workouts on YouTube and even take part in Pilates. She says that working out is only effective if you are having fun and she guarantees that Dance and Pilates is very enjoyable.

Over the years, many methods have been invented to stay fit and healthy. The possibilities are endless in regards to where developments in health will take us, however as of now, a consensus seems to have been reached that there is nothing but benefits when staying active.