Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Article By: Gitika Bose

How many times have we used the three words reduce, reuse and recycle?

How many of us resort to “recycling” as a solution to most of our environmental problems?

It seems that many of us take pleasure in the mere thought of recycling. This is unsurprising, since recycling is essential in improving the deteriorating state of today’s environment. In Manila, we see people putting handkerchiefs over their mouths, buses spewing fumes, and fires polluting the skies. Nowadays, everything ranging from reducing pollution to preserving our natural resources is a necessity.

Alice Recoura, a freshman at ISM, confessed that, while she “[tries] to recycle, [she does] not think [she does] enough.” Additionally, Kyle Kim, a sophomore at ISM, also feels like recycling is important because “it effectively sorts out trash, making the process of managing our trash much easier.” He acknowledges that, although he “recycle[s] whenever [he] travel[s] to Korea,” he wishes he did more recycling at ISM, where its importance is emphasized.

However, a lot of students, such as senior Jessica Morris, find that recycling can be a “hassle” if one does not know how to go about it. However, the world of recycling is incredibly limitless!

Students can join in the recycling movement by making frighteningly cute pencil stands. These are simply created by cutting the top of shampoo bottles off and sticking on little bits of paper and decoration. These super simple and creative designs look awesome on top of anyone’s study table. Students can also make wall decorations – this new piece of art will label you as extremely creative; not only are you impressing mother nature, but also your friends! To all the ladies out there, if wall decorations are not your main forte, you can create little stands made of toilet paper rolls in which you can hang any type of jewelry. Being environmentally friendly has never been so stylish. Storage containers are another possibility – after all, who knew we could get some of the prettiest storage containers by redecorating our old jars? The best part is that all you need is some colorful tape, and you are good to go! According to Eco Council member, Cristian Garcia, “recycling is important to our wellbeing as well as that the earth. Turning your trash into treasure can go a long way.”

However, not everyone may find cute handicrafts and DIY projects appealing. If these are not tempting enough reasons to recycle, then just make sure to throw your trash away in the correct bins. Throw your colored paper in the one labeled colored paper, plastic waste in the one labeled plastic, and white paper in the one labeled white paper. It’s not rocket science! Although this may seem like an incredibly easy, perhaps even meaningless, task, every little bit helps. All actions relating with recycling do the environment, and therefore our global community, a huge service. Decrease your carbon footprint, and let’s keep Mother Nature’s backyard fresh and wonderfully alive!